Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4 -10, 2011

Paying attention to what’s in the foods you eat will help to ensure that you are not exposed to anything that could cause a serious allergic reaction. Be mindful of food colorings and other additives in foods.

You’re likely to feel a bit exhausted if you try to do too much. Keep in mind that eating a balanced diet with special focus on blood-building nutrients is essential for treating anemia. Taking time to rest between chore’s will also help to prevent fatigue.

You are likely to be feeling a bit under the weather and might even be asking, “Why me?” Don’t allow negative thoughts to overpower you. Take time to learn how you can use nutrition to help fight your cancer. 

Eating balanced meals that focus on the right amount of carbohydrates is key to managing your diabetes. While you might not be bursting with energy, you’re likely to get things done if you eat right.

Heart Disease
Good health is the best present you can give yourself this holiday season. So, if you are worried about heart disease, make a special effort to eat foods that contribute to heart health. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish, nuts and seeds play a key role.

High Blood Pressure
You might enjoy eating out. But keep in mind that most restaurant foods contain large amounts of sodium, which could cause a spike in your blood pressure. So, be selective about where you eat as well as what you eat when dining out.

You may find that you are beginning to feel a little better as you stick to Hiv/Aids treatment protocol. Stay focused on eating right. Take nutritional supplements as needed to boost your nutritional status.

Children need a wide array of foods for healthy growth and development. Calcium and vitamin D play a special role when it comes to developing strong bones and teeth. So, don’t overlook these key nutrients.

You’re likely to feel intense pain as you pass kidney stones. Don’t hesitate to seek immediate medical attention when necessary. Also, do your best to avoid foods that may trigger the development of kidney stones.

Eliminating unhealthy calories from your diet is essential when it comes to losing weight. Unfortunately, that means cutting back on many of the foods you love. But you can still eat favorites if you learn how to control your portions.

Give your unborn the gift of health by focusing on foods that are rich in folate, iron and other key nutrients. Remember, good nutrition is provides the framework for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

A healthy digestive tract is important to your overall health. But eating foods that promote good digestion could be challenging. You may need to reassess your eating habits. Change what needs changing.

Note: The information provided on this site is for information purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for appropriate medical attention by your personal healthcare provider, including a physician and registered dietitian when necessary.

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