Friday, November 11, 2011

November 13-19, 2011

Do your best to avoid exposure to foods that you are allergic to. Read food labels as allergens could be where you least expect them to be. If in doubt about a particular food, just leave it out of your shopping cart.

You could be feeling a bit under the weather if your hemoglobin is low. Put some iron-rich foods on your plate today to give your blood a boost. In fact, you will need to pay attention to all facets of your diet.

Try to keep your sugar intake to a minimum, as cancer cells thrive on a high-sugar environment. Opt for minimally processed foods, which are likely to be low in sugar and high in antioxidants and other cancer-fighting compounds.

Controlling your blood sugar could prove to be challenging, especially if you're out on the town with friends. Try not to eat to excess, no matter how good the food might taste.

Heart Disease 
Your heart is in the right place, but you could have problems if you are obese. Try to shed a few pounds by cutting back on sweets. Be especially mindful of the damage drinking too much soda can do.

High Blood Pressure/Hypertension 
You will need to pay attention to what's on your plate if you want to keep your blood pressure under control. Cut back on high-calorie, fatty foods to lose weight if you are overweight. 

You will need to find a concentrated source of protein and calories to avoid excessive weight loss, particularly if your appetite is poor. Good nutrition is critical, so consult a registered dietitian for nutritional guidance.

Infants & Children 
Make a special effort to ensure that children are getting the foods they need for healthy growth and development. Vitamin D plays a key role. A few minutes of sunshine should provide an ample supply of this vital vitamin.

You will need to pay special attention to the minerals in your diet if you are suffering from kidney failure. Pay attention to instructions from your renal dietitian.

Carrying around too much fat could put a strain on your heart and lead to serious complications. Do your best to shed a few pounds by the year's end. You can do it if you put your heart and mind to it.

You and your baby will thrive when your diet includes a variety of wholesome foods. You will need to consume milk or other calcium-rich foods to maintain strong bones and teeth.

A stomachache could result from a number of things, some of which could be mild and some of which could be more serious. Seek medical attention if the problem is intense or if it is not resolved within a few days.


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